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OGX FENIX™ DX Detox Drink

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OGX FENIX™ DX Detox Drink

Nourish Your Body’s Natural Detoxification System with this Pink Lemonade flavored mix. Caffeine free.

Nothing is more important than our daily health. Feeling healthy and comfortable is what allows you to reach new heights and get the most out of your day. With DX, take daily action to defending your health and supporting your natural detox process.




A botanical and vitamin blend to help you defend your health.


Powerful antioxidants: From sources like bilberry, blueberry, and acai

B Vitamins: Supports our natural energy levels, helping us feel energized throughout the day

Chamomile Extract: Ancient herb that’s been used for hundreds of years for its healthy properties, including naturally occurring antioxidants.

Ganoderma mushroom powder: An ancient secret in healthy plants, the Ganoderma mushroom powder maximizes the health compounds of the mushroom.


Pour one packet into a bottle of water, close the bottle, and shake until fully mixed. Can also be mixed into iced tea, lemonade, sparkling water, or other beverages for customized flavor.