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Posted by #BeWell on Sep 17th 2019


Hundreds of people have been benefited from using Cannabidiol (CBD) – a substance scientifically proven to be safe for human consumption – even for children! It not only has a wide range of therapeutic benefits but also has been useful for treating numerous serious ailments and disorders. However, not all products touted as “natural CBD oil” are actually as natural they claim to be.

Using fake CBD oil will do more damage to you than simply making you fail a drug test. You can end up falling horribly sick or even dead! With the growing popularity of CBD products, some unscrupulous cannabis growers and CBD oil manufacturers are taking advantage of loopholes in the existing regulations and the vulnerabilities of the common man in this country to push their business forward with cheap, artificial and untested products in the name of CBD oil.

Of course, there is a way one can find out whether CBD is real or fake. Most people do not want to go through the hassle to find out. The people who want to get CBD products tested are the producers, at least, responsible producers. Nobody wants to find out from a third-party source that their CBD oil has pesticides in it. In January of last year, a website called Remedy Review Tested 29 CBD Brands and 4 failed with 1 product recall already issued. We do want to know how these products are tested. Many other producers use a third-party testing laboratory.

Some people are selling fake CBD oil on Amazon. In one case, CBD oil on Amazon was tested and found to be OLIVE OIL. Some people also use Snake Oil as CBD. It’s not a good idea to try and sift through these and find a winner.

We find out that the oil that those people unwittingly smoked up thinking it was genuine CBD vape oil did not even contain any natural cannabinoid, but contained some lab-produced synthetic cannabinoids.

The reason why people fall for these products are usually because of three reasons:

1.Their low price,

2.Tall promises of curing all health conditions, and

3.Claims of not being detected on a drug test.

The company lied to its customers, and as a result, harmed them in ways that their unwary consumers were not prepared for.

The dangerous designer drugs had prompted the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a nationwide health warning about these man-made synthetic cannabinoids.

Some companies offer free CBD oil trial. While scrolling online you may see things such as. Best price, limited time offer, Special discount for today only, etc. Some “free sample” offers are nothing more than hidden subscription ploy to force you to give away your credit/debit card details, which they will use to forcefully sell you low-quality products. You may even find it difficult to cancel the alleged subscription. You may have to call up your bank or credit card company to cancel their card to stop payments.

Some other scammers will charge you more for what they are selling by simply calling it a shipping and processing fee (while they send you a low-quality product). Be sure you are not buying the wrong product.